Public school in Central Europe (early 20th century)

Public school in Central Europe (early 20th century)

Public schools in villages played an important role in education.

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One of the oldest schools in Hungary, where several renowned Hungarians studied.

Những ngày đầu đến trường

Tìm hiểu khái niệm về màu sắc, con số, chữ cái và hình học qua các trò chơi

The Boys of Paul Street, the Grund

One of the main settings in the well-known Hungarian youth novel was a timberyard.

Farm (Hungary, 19th century)

Small farms usually located near the border of rural towns, inhabited by peasants.

Farmhouse in Central Europe (19th century)

Central European farmhouses in the 19th century had characteristic interior and exterior.

Types of farms and villages

The structure and density of farms and villages depend on the geographical features of the region.

Bourgeois salon

This animation compares a modern living room and a typical bourgeois salon.

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Chess games can help to develop logic skills.

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The invention of the ballpoint pen made writing a lot easier.

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