Formation of the Earth and Moon

Formation of the Earth and Moon

This animation demonstrates how the Earth and the Moon were formed.

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Cấu trúc của Trái Đất (Trung Cấp)

Trái đất bao gồm nhiều lớp hình cầu.

Châu lục và đại dương

Các vùng đất khô ráo trên bề mặt Trái Đất được chia thành các châu lục được ngăn cách bởi các đại dương.

Change of seasons (basic)

Due to the Earth´s tilted axis, the angle of the Sun's rays at given latitudes is continuously changing during the year.


Comets are spectacular celestial bodies orbiting the Sun.

Continental drift on a geological timescale

The Earth's continents have been in constant motion during the history of the planet.

Interesting astronomy facts

This animation presents some interesting facts in the field of astronomy.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon passes through the shadow cone of Earth

Moon landing: 20 July 1969

Neil Armstrong, one of the crew members of Apollo 11 was the first man to set foot on the Moon.

Moon radar experiment (Zoltán Bay, 1946)

In 1946 a Hungarian scientist was the first person to detect radar echoes from the Moon.

Phases of the Moon

During its orbit around the Earth, the visibility of the Moon's illuminated part constantly changes.

Sự đổi mùa (trung cấp)

Do trục nghiêng của Trái đất, góc chiếu của các tia sáng của Mặt trời ở các vĩ độ thay đổi liên tục trong năm.

Solar eclipse

When the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are arranged in a straight line, the Moon can partially or completely obscure the Sun.

Structure of Earth (elementary)

The Earth is composed of several spherical layers.

The Dawn mission

Studying Ceres and Vesta will help us learn more about the early history of the Solar System and how rocky planets are formed.

The Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic North and South poles are located near the geographic North and South poles.

The Moon

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite

The Sun

The diameter of the Sun is about 109 times that of the Earth. Most of its mass consists of hydrogen.


The rise and drop of sea levels caused by the gravitational force of the Moon.

Timeline spiral

Place historical events on the time spiral.

Trái Đất

Trái Đất là một hành tinh có nhiều đá với lớp vỏ rắn và có khí ôxy trong khí quyển.

Apollo 15 mission (Lunar Rover)

The animation shows the two-seater Lunar Rover used in the Apollo 15 mission

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