Alanine (C₃H₇NO₂)

Alanine (C₃H₇NO₂)

A non-polar amino acid. L and D molecules are mirror images of each other.

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alanine, Ala, amino acid, chất đạm, peptide, polypeptide, chuỗi bên vô cực, lụa, zwitterion, liên kết peptide, liên kết amide, trình tự amino acid, hóa phân tử, hóa học, hóa sinh, sinh học

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Amino acids are the monomers of proteins.

Optical isomerism

Mirror image isomers of asymmetrical shapes and solids are non-superimposable.

Peptide bond

Amino acids that make up proteins are bound by peptide bonds.

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While the density of spider silk is less than that of nylon filaments, its tensile strength is greater than that of steel.

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