Its fruit that is similar to apple is one of the most popular fruit we have. Among the...

Urban renewal

Unused, old factory buildings are often revitalised by leaving their original structure...

Kiwi fruit

This fruit native to China has a fibrous brown skin and a yellow or green flesh. It is a...

Birds of prey

This video is about birds of prey that hunt mainly vertebrates.

Sweet pepper

A plant of American origin that can be eaten raw and cooked. It is also used as a condiment.


The order with the largest number of bird species within the class Aves. Their common...


Tomato belongs in the nightshade family and is native to South and Central America....


These birds, common along coasts, can be easily recognised by their voice.


Fog is a shallow layer of cloud close to ground level. When it descends, visibility drops...


One of our most popular vegetables and an excellent source of vitamin A, essential for...


Most species of sedges grow in swamps, wetlands and other watery places where they...

Fluvial incision

Upper-course river features include V-shaped valleys, interlocking rapids and waterfalls.


Маховина је биљка која расте широм света. Занимљиво је да и после 400 година може да...

Salt Production

The evaporation of seawater provides an excellent opportunity for coastal countries to...

This is how it's made

Are you curious how our digital materials are made? Go behind the scenes.

On the Beach

Going to the beach on a sunny day is a pleasant way of relaxation for many people.

The Hundred Years’ War

A century of war between England and France marked the end of medieval European society.


A cuboid is a polyhedron with six rectangular faces.


Greece is considered one of the cradles of European culture. Today, its key sector is...

Nets of a cuboid

This animation demonstrates the different nets of a cuboid and includes a game.

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