Transparent coke

Let's make the typical colour of the coke disappear!

Повезани додаци

Vanishing styrofoam

This is how you can make vanish any object made out of styrofoam.

Magic straw

Move a straw on top of a bottle, without touching it.

Inseparable books

This simple experiment shows how to 'glue' two books together.

Coke dispenser

Witness the power of coke and chewy dragees.

Водени термометар

Једноставан начин да сами направите свој термометар.

Balloon on thumbtacks

An easy experiment only using balloons and thumbtacks.

World's simplest motor

A simple but cool looking motor you can build at home using...

Rice in a bottle

Lift a bottle full of rice using a few skewers.

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