Plate tectonics

Plate tectonics

Plate tectonics is a theory dealing with the movement of plates.




плате тектоника, Земља, унутрашње снаге, тектонска плоча, покрет кора, географија, Свет око нас

Повезани додаци

Повезани додаци

Циклус стена

Услед утицаја унутрашњих и спољашњих сила Земље, стене се налазе у сталном процесу...

Geological fold

The Alps and the Himalayas are mountain ranges that were formed by geological folding. In...

Glacial processes in the High Tatra Mountains

Ice can create stunning shapes. Let’s take a trip to the High Tatra Mountains and study...

High Tatra Mountains

This fold mountain range is the highest section of the Carpathian Mountains, but the...

Plate tectonics

Since tectonic plates can move up to 2-10 cm a year, the landscape of tectonically active...

The Torda Gorge

Numerous myths and legends are attached to this volcanic formation in Transylvania,...

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