Pitch and frequency, Part II

Experience the relationship between pitch and frequency through measurements.

The Sun - a source of energy

In this lesson you will learn about the Sun and how solar energy can be used.

Minerals: active participants of our lives

This lesson introduces you to the world of minerals.

How is the aluminium foil made?

This lesson presents the properties, production, and use of aluminium.

Mineral or rock?

In this lesson you will learn more about minerals and rocks.

How do animals see?

This lesson presents the vision and the evolution of eyes of animals.

The Cartesian and the polar coordinate system

Practise how to define a specific location using coordinate systems.

Who would make a good sentinel?

Learn about the human sense organs and their functions and how to keep them healthy.

Which came first, the feather or the bird?

This lesson presents which animals developed feathers during the course of evolution.

Where exactly?

Learn how to specify a location in a playful manner!

Is all that chemistry dangerous?

This lesson helps to explain chemical reactions.

Planets in our backyard

The lesson illustrates the size of the planets in the Solar System and the huge distances...

Do fish drink?

In this lesson you will learn more about the life of fish.

Weather project

You can become meteorologists through fun group tasks.

Living fossils

Learn about animal species that emerged in the distant past and stayed mostly unchanged

The human urinary system

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the human urinary system.

And yet it moves Part 2

The lesson introduces you to the movement of Earth around the Sun.

The physics of submarines

This lesson presents the concepts of density and buoyancy through the operation of the...

Let's practice positioning!

This lesson helps you understand what geographic coordinates are and how to use them.

How to put out a fire?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with the basics of firefighting.

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