Sulphur (S₈)

Sulphur (S₈)

An odourless, yellow, solid substance, the 16th most common in the Earth´s crust. One of the best known sulphur compounds is pyrite, also known as ´fool´s gold´.



sērs, homonuclear molekula, molekula, molekulāro režģi, oktatomisks, ortorbomika, monoklinika, amorfs, sulfīdi, Neorganiskā ķīmija, ķīmija

Saistītie vienumi


Saistītie vienumi

Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S)

A colourless, toxic gas with the characteristic odour of rotten eggs. It occurs in certain mineral waters and spring waters.

Sulphate ion (SO₄²⁻)

A compound ion produced when sulphuric acid releases protons.

Sulphur dioxide (SO₂)

Sulphur dioxide emission is the main cause of acid rains. It is an intermediate product in the production of sulphuric acid.

Sulphur trioxide (SO₃)

One of the oxides of sulphur, forms sulphuric acid with water.

Sulphuric acid (H₂SO₄)

A colourless, viscous liquid, a highly corrosive, strong acid used in several industrial processes.

Sulphurous acid (H₂SO₃)

Colourless, moderate acid, only known in aqueous solution.


An amino acid containing sulphur, one of the amino acids that make up proteins.


A sulphur-containing amino acid.

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