African village (Sudan)

African villages adapt to the natural environment well and reflect of the culture of...

Electric bell

Mechanical bell that functions by means of an electromagnet.

How does it work? - Computer tomography scanner

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of CT scanners.

Trojan horse

According to Homer’s epic, Odysseus’ Stratagem caused the loss of Troy.

Human skeleton

Our body´s internal support structure to which skeletal muscles are attached.

Construction of cars

This animations demonstrates the exterior and interior construction of cars, as well as...

Covalent bonds in benzene molecules

In benzene there are sigma bonds and delocalised pi bonds between carbon atoms.

Terms of physical geography

This animation demonstrates the most important relief features, surface waters and their...

Motorway design and construction

We can travel on dual carriageways on the motorway.

Development of the atomic model

Major phases in the history of theories and views about the structure of the atom.

Colouring book

This creative animation contains several 3D objects for colouring.

BR Standard Class 3 2-6-2T steam locomotive

A type of steam locomotives used by British Railways were manufactured in the 1950s.

Layers of the skin; cutaneous senses

The skin is the soft outer covering of our body, its three layers are the epidermis, the...

Nose, the mechanism of smelling

Olfactory receptors produce electric signals when stimulated by odours.

Parts of the human brain

The main parts of the human brain are the brain stem, the cerebellum, the diencephalon,...

Chain reaction

Energy released during nuclear fission can be used for civilian or military purposes.

Muscle tissues

The three types of muscle found in the human body are the smooth, the striated and the...

Structure of skeletal muscles

This animation demonstrates the fine molecular structure and mechanism of muscles.

Ancient Greek house

The average house in Ancient Greece had a rectangular, geometrical floor plan and two...

Euglena viridis

Unicellular eukaryotes living in freshwaters, capable of feeding autotrophically and...

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