Buitiniai šviesos šaltiniai

Ši animacija parodo buitinių šviesos šaltinių savybes, nuo tradicinių lempučių iki LED lempų.

Seawater desalination

The desalination process produces drinking water from seawater.

Offshore natural gas extraction, Norway

The Troll A is an offshore natural gas platform, the largest offshore platform ever...

Mining at the time of the Industrial Revolution

At the end of the 18th century, mining boomed because of the great need for raw materials...

Fusion reactor

Nuclear fusion will serve as an environmentally friendly and practically unlimited source...


Machines converting the energy of wind into useful forms of power were already in use in...

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants convert the energy released during nuclear fission into electric power.

Aluminium smelting

Aluminium smelting is the process of extracting aluminium from alumina by electrolysis.

Ancient Roman aqueduct and road

The excellent road and aqueduct system covering the whole empire reflects well the...

Greenhouse effect

Human activity increases the greenhouse effect and leads to global warming.


Machines converting the energy of flowing or falling water into useful forms of power...

Hydroelectric power plant (Hoover Dam, USA)

The huge dam built on the Colorado river in the US was named after a former American...

How does it work? - Water tap

This animation demonstrates the functioning of the 3 basic types of water tap.

Water supply system

The water supply system provides clean and safe drinking water for the consumers.

System of public utilities

System that satisfies consumers’ demands of water supply, wastewater disposal,...

Biogas power plant

Biogas can be produced from organic material (manure, plant waste, organic waste) using...

Horse mill

Machines powered by animals were mainly used in mills, for grinding grains.

Water turbine, generator

Water turbines convert the kinetic energy of water into electric current.

Underground coal mining

As opposed to opencast mines, in underground mines the layers covering coal are not...

Oil platform

A long pipe in the centre of the tower penetrates the ocean bed until it reaches the...

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