Types of ancient Greek columns

Types of ancient Greek columns

The Doric, Ionic and Corinthian order of columns are different in size and ornamentation as well.

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Akropolis (Atėnai, V a. pr. Kr.)

Žinomiausia pasaulyje tvirtovė, Atėnų Akropolis, buvo pastatyta V a. pr. Kr., Periklio amžiuje.

Olympia (5th century BC)

The Olympic Games, held in the town every 4th year after 776 BC made it one of the centres of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek house

The average house in Ancient Greece had a rectangular, geometrical floor plan and two storeys.

Art Nouveau architecture

One of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Hungary.

Bireme (ancient oared warship)

A bireme is a type of ancient warship, with a characteristic pointed bow and two decks of oars, used by many armies.

Dioniso teatras (Atėnai, 4 a. pr. Kr.)

Atėnų Akropolyje iškilęs išskirtinės formos ir puikios akustikos antikinis graikų teatras.

Greek gods

The Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology were as diverse as humans.

Knossos Palace (2nd millenium BC)

The largest bronze-age building complex of ancient Crete was probably the centre of Minoan civilisation.

Mycenae (2nd millenium BC)

The city with advanced culture was the first settlement in history to have a citadel.

Treasury of Atreus (Mycenae, 14th century BC)

A beehive tomb on the site of the ancient city of Mycenae, attributed to the legendary king.

Trojos arklys

Pasak Homero epo, Trojos žlugimo priežastimi tapo Odisėjo karinė gudrybė.

Wonders of the Ancient World

Today only one of the Wonders of the Ancient World is still intact: the Pyramids of Giza.

Ancient Athenian citizen with his wife

The Athenian democracy was built on the community of citizens with full rights.

Ancient Greek pottery

The masterpieces of ancient Greek potters are important archaeological artefacts.


The characteristic ancient Greek statue was found on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea.

Milestones of sculpture

The animation shows five outstanding works in the history of sculpture.

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