The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway created to shorten shipping routes between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.


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Container ships

Commercial maritime routes of container ships form a global network.

Oil tanker

Oil tankers appeared in the late 19th century; today they are among the largest ships.

Transport networks

The animation presents the main air, water and land routes and transport hubs.


Uostuose turėtų būti teikiama tinkama infrastruktūra ir paslaugos jūrų transportui.

Operation of river locks

River locks make rivers with great level differences safe for boating.

Oro uostas

Oro uostai teikia aviacijai reikalingą infrastruktūrą ir paslaugas.

Seas and bays

This animation demonstrates the most important seas and bays.

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Continents and oceans

Dry land on the surface of Earth is divided into continents which are separated by oceans.

Santa Maria (15th century)

Christopher Columbus' three-masted carrack, the Santa Maria was the flagship of his first, landmark voyage.

The Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel is a 50.5 km long railway tunnel between the United Kingdom and France, beneath the English Channel.

Geographical discoveries (15th-17th century)

Legendary geographical discoveries at the beginning of the Modern Age had not only redrawn maps, but also had a truly diverse impact.

Topography of the Earth

The animation presents the largest mountains, plains, rivers, lakes and deserts of the Earth.

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