Modern office building

Modern office building

Saving energy and protecting the environment are important factors in the design of modern office buildings.

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Susiję elementai

"Burj Al Arab" viešbutis (Dubajus, 1999 m.)

Vienintelis pasaulyje septynių žvaigždučių prabangus viešbutis "Burj Al Arab" yra Jungtiniuose Arabų Emyratuose.

Bayterek (Astana, 1997)

The tower situated in the capital city of the Kazakh Republic symbolises the tree of life holding a golden egg.

Cement production

This 3D scene presents the steps of the cement manufacturing process.

Clothing (21st century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Construction of a panel building

Buildings constructed of prefabricated concrete blocks were widespread in the former Socialist countries.

Fallingwater (Mill Run, USA, 1939)

Frank Lloyd Wright's well-known work is a masterpiece of modern organic architecture.

House without carbon-dioxide emission

The design and structure of modern houses play an important role in environmental protection.

How does it work? - Air conditioner

An air conditioner cools the air inside by drawing heat away and releasing it outside.

How does it work? - Lift

This animation demonstrates how lifts work.

How does it work? - Photovoltaic solar panel, solar thermal collector

This animation demonstrates how solar energy can be utilised.


A metropolis is a large city with a population of over 1 million people.

Opera House (Sydney, 1973)

Due to its design and location, the Opera House of the Australian city is one of the most extraordinary opera houses in the world.

Passive house

In a passive house a comfortable inner temperature can be ensured without the use of traditional heating and cooling systems.

The first days in school

Learn the concept of colours, numbers, letters and shapes while playing

Clothing (Western Europe, 1990s)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Tipinis butas Vengrijoje 1980-aisiais metais.

Tipiniai butai atskleidžia kasdienio gyvenimo ypatumus bei šiame dešimtmetyje vyravusią kultūrą.

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