How does it work? - Radio

How does it work? - Radio

This animation demonstrates how radios work.


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Phonograph and gramophone

Edison´s invention records and plays sound from a cylinder, while Berliner´s apparatus uses a disc.

Telegraph (Samuel F. B. Morse)

The American inventor presented his invention revolutionising telecommunication at New York University in 1837.

DC motor

DC motors consist of a permanent magnet and a coil within the magnet, with electric current flowing in it.

How does it work? - Computer networks

The Internet allows us to send data quickly to large distances.

How does it work? - CRT television

This animation demonstrates how a CRT television works.

How does it work? - Hair dryer

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of hair dryers.

How does it work? - Loudspeaker

In loudspeakers sound waves are generated by electromagnetic induction.

How does it work? - Mobile phone

This animation demonstrates how mobile phones work.

How does it work? - Optical disc drives

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of different types of optical disc drives.

How does it work? - Record player

This animation demonstrates the mechanism and operation of record players.

How does it work? - Washing machine

This animation demonstrates how a washing machine works.

Lute and hurdy gurdy

The earliest version of the lute appeared in ancient Mesopotamia.


The piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is a chordophone which produces sounds mechanically.

Telephone (Alexander Graham Bell)

The device that transmits human voice as electrical signals was invented by Bell in 1876.

Televizijos raida

Televizija, kuri buvo išrasta XX a. pradžioje, tapo viena iš populiariausių laisvalaikio užimtumo formų.

Torsion balances

A force can be measured by measuring the twisting of the torsion wire in a torsion balance.

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