Wind at the beach

Sea and land breeze form because of the differing warming of land and sea.

Beverage machine - Part 2

We can further develop the machine we presented in the previous video, so it can dispense...

The rock cycle

Due to the effect of both exogenic and endogenic forces, rocks constantly change. This is...


People have always preferred to settle near rivers. What are the advantages and...


Flower farming is a discipline of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of...

Salt Production

The evaporation of seawater provides an excellent opportunity for coastal countries to...

This is how it's made

Are you curious how our digital materials are made? Go behind the scenes.


Within the lethal embrace of deserts, life can only flourish because of large springs....


Greece is considered one of the cradles of European culture. Today, its key sector is...

Nets of a cuboid

This animation demonstrates the different nets of a cuboid and includes a game.

The Hundred Years’ War

A century of war between England and France marked the end of medieval European society.

On the Beach

Going to the beach on a sunny day is a pleasant way of relaxation for many people.

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