Soma cube

Three-dimensional assembly puzzle with solutions.

Four colour theorem

Colour a map with the fewest number of colours possible, so that...


This animation demonstrates several types of prisms, from general...

Volume and surface area (exercise)

An exercise about the volume and surface area of solids generated...

Volume of spheres (Cavalieri´s principle)

Calculating the volume of a sphere is possible using an...

Sophie´s desk

A game about the different views of complex objects.

Grouping of solids

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Surface area of spheres (demonstration)

The surface of a sphere consists of the set of points which are...

Relative position of lines and planes

This animation demonstrates the relative position of lines and planes.

Shape games

Find views and nets of three-dimensional shapes.

Colouring a cube

Colouring the vertices, edges and faces of a given cube according...

Solids of revolution (rectangle)

Rotating a rectangle around its axes of symmetry or around its...

Cube puzzle

Building cubes shown in several views from the available unit...

Cube sections (exercise)

Examining solids formed by the intersection of a cube and a plane.

Building shapes (multi colour)

Build 3D shapes from unit cubes with the help of several views.

Designing kitchen furniture - spatial coordinate system

Practising the use of the spatial coordinate system with the help...

Navigation in space

The animation helps to develop space perception and navigation in...

Grouping of cuboids

This animation demonstrates various types of cuboids through...

Szilassi polyhedron

This special concave polyhedron was named after a Hungarian...


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