Mozaik Education and Mozaik’s official distributor in Iraq, Al-Nabaa are happy to announce a brand new pilot project in Baghdad, Iraq. The project was launched this March in cooperation with Baghdad High School College. The main goal of the project was to introduce our most state-of-the-art digital education technology, also known as the mozaLearn system, to the country. It was a fun project to work on and we certainly hope that all teachers and students involved enjoy mozaBook as much as we do.

The project had several stages. During the first stage, twenty teachers received mozaBook training and learned to enrich textbooks with 3Ds, videos and exercises. All the teachers were very excited and actively participated in the training, asking questions, taking notes and practicing on their own devices. During the second stage of the project, teachers enriched local Iraqi textbooks with help of Nawfal Nadnan Ahmed from Al-Nabaa and Péter Török from Mozaik Education. All in all, 21 textbooks were enriched. The third stage was the introduction of mozaWeb Premium for students, who were provided mozaWeb Premium subscriptions so they could receive homework from their teachers, open electronic books from home, and participate in interactive classwork. 

A large-scale event was held on 6th March, 2017 to celebrate the start of the project. It was attended by many notable people, such as the Vice Minister of Education, Mr. Ibrahim Abd Wali; Baghdad Governor, Dr. Ryadh Al-Adhadh; the General Manager of 1st Rusafa Education District, Dr. Falah Al-Qaysi; Dr. Hasanien Muaalah, General Manager of affairs at the Ministry; Mr. Zahid, General Manager of 1st Karkh Education District; and the Dean Of Ibn Al-Haitham Education College, Dr. Fahad Al-Gburi. 

After receiving certificates and letters of appreciation and excellence, teachers performed presentations on different subjects using mozaBook. During these presentations, they demonstrated the usage of electronic textbooks enriched with Mozaik’s content, 3Ds, educational tools, and educational videos. One of the students even gave a presentation on the benefits of using mozaBook on tablets in the classroom.  

The project received positive media attention in Iraq. Some of the presentations as well as interviews with officials and teachers can be viewed in this news report, and many more photos can be found on our facebook page. 

mozaExpansion - mozaBook is used in Dutch schools

2 мамыр 2017Olga Pushkina

Mozaik Education is delighted to see more and more schools using our educational presentation software, mozaBook. In this blog post I will tell you a bit more about our work in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a rather new market for us, but thanks to the excellent infrastructure available to literally each and every school in the country as well as good IT skills among the teachers, mozaBook’s presence and recognition in the country is growing steadily. This success was achieved with the creative input of our local partners -- Vidistry and Bureau Leren. Vidistry is an interactive whiteboard producer and a mozaBook distributor. Their interactive whiteboards can be purchased with pre-installed mozaBook software, which means that Dutch teachers can purchase two amazing and essential educational products from the same provider.  

Most schools also order a training package from a Dutch mozaBook wizard, Niek Scholts (Bureau Loren), who developed an engaging and informative training programme in Dutch. The enthusiastic teachers on the pictures are from the Sterrenboom school in Stolwijk, and recently had their week of training with Niek. You can see them working on student laptops during the “digital classroom” session. Next year the Sterrenboom school will join the league of official mozaBook schools and will start spreading the joy of digital education.

If you would like to introduce mozaBook to your country, please contact We are open to partnering with textbook publishers, hardware producers, distributors, training centers and schools alike. Let’s promote digital education in your country together!

There is a good proverb: “Knowledge is boundless, human capacity, limited.” Even if it is a popular wisdom, we, at Mozaik Education, bend over backwards trying to argue the point. We strongly believe there are no limits, whether it is a personal life or educational approach. Every day a new task is set: how to make the education process more attractive and effective both for teachers and students. As our various products are constantly being improved and developed, it assures us that we are on the right track.

The recent events which our Bulgarian partner, Keisem, shared with us are another good example of successful integration of how Mozaik products can be implemented worldwide.

This April, a new Mathematical Laboratory at №125 secondary school in Sofia opened the doors to students allowing them to use the latest computer technologies. The institution is currently one of the best in the country, always striving to fortify its positions by drawing attention to the recent trends in education technology. We are extremely proud to have assisted them in such a complicated mission. During a demo lesson, students showed their best solving numerous logical tasks and drawing geometrical figures on the interactive board with the mozaBook software. The interactive board provides a unique opportunity to present educational content, grabbing the attention of students by turning all given information into an intriguing journey.

The event was marked by a famous guest who attended the class and made an outstanding contribution: renowned mathematician, Veselin Drenski, director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Petar Kenderov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, and many others.

Also, 14 interactive classrooms were opened up in Ivan Vazov University in Pleven. Ms. Diana Yoncheva deserves an honourable mention as well;  she taught students to love and respect the heritage of ancient scholars like Thales, Aristotle and Pythagoras. And again, mozaBook was just a few clicks away to make all dreams come true. As explained by students of the Ivan Vazov University, "Audio and video files contribute to raising interest in the learning process by breaking the standard training program."

If you would like to have an experience similar to that of Sofia №125 secondary school and Pleven teachers you may download the free mozaBook software from here or email us at

You can also watch the video by clicking the link.


mozaTravels - GESS 2017

1 сәуір 2017Gábriel Zsófia

This year, Mozaik returned to the GESS show again, which is one of the most important educational expos of the Middle East. The three days we spent there were fun and quite fruitful, and wanted to share this adventure with our readers and followers.

Although it has been the 5th time Mozaik has visited Dubai, every time still feels like a completely new experience. The GESS show, traditionally held in mid-March, is always high on our list of places to be, since it is a real hub of educational ideas and provides an amazing opportunity to showcase our products. Attracting visitors from GCC countries as well as Africa and Southeast Asia, it is an excellent place to present all our Arabic content. As mozaBook has been fully “arabized”, it garnered praise and attention from fellow exhibitors and visitors alike. In particular, the narrated animations of our 3D models and the subtitles of our videos - available in Arabic, of course - seemed to impress a lot of people.

It might have just been the awesome weather, but everyone seemed very happy to be attending the exhibition. GESS was the perfect place to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, too. As always, Mozaik’s stand was extremely busy, often making us wish we had more interactive displays and more manpower to promote mozaBook.

Check out more cool pictures from our photo diary of the exhibition on facebook.

To try mozaBook for free, visit our website and download the installation package to further explore our amazing interactive content.

Have a personal story you want to share? Be sure to leave a comment or message us!

mozaTravels — DIDACTA 2017

20 наурыз 2017Olga Pushkina

This year’s DIDACTA Stuttgart was only the second time Mozaik Educaton exhibited at this expo, but we already felt at home. DIDACTA is somewhat different from other annual educational fairs because it is hosted in rotation by three German cities: Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover, which makes it even more exciting to attend.

We are very proud of our own Eszter Hosszu for presenting at our partner RICOH Germany’s stand. Not only did she give an amazing presentation on Darwin’s theory of evolution but also showcased our redesigned and improved second generation classwork function. Using RICOH devices, Eszter was sending exercises to the “students”. Those pretend students enthusiastically solved the exercises and sent them back to the teacher device.

We are already looking forward to next year’s DIDACTA Fair that will take place in Hannover. In the meantime, if you love mozaBook and trade shows as much as we do, please check out our exhibition timetable and drop us a line at to arrange a meeting at one of them.

For more pictures from DIDACTA 2017 and more frequent updates, please visit our facebook page.

Listening Comprehension

20 наурыз 2017Földvári Erika

Learning is most effective when information reaches students through as many different channels as possible. Learning styles and the ways information is received may vary. Therefore, teachers must prepare carefully to be able to elaborate on different topics. mozaBook makes explaining the material significantly easier and decreases the amount of time spent on preparation.

In mozaBook, the auditory and visual learning tools are merged perfectly with each other. The teacher can complement these by creating additional exercises and using the Test Editor. This way, all students with different learning styles will be part of an effective and fun learning process. In particular, it is outstanding that the materials are available to students for learning at home as well.

In school, a considerable amount of time is spent with students listening to the teachers’ presentations, which is the more conventional way of delivering information in the classroom. However, in order for students to be able to recognize the essence of the text and  memorize key information, they need to learn the correct technique to do so. mozaBook’s built-in content, such as 3D animations and videos provide superior help with this.

A possible way to present the Colosseum in Rome
mozaBook tools used: miniMap, 3D animation, Test Editor

I. Preparation
1. Revision of students’ previously acquired knowledge, discussion of possible personal experiences.
Guiding question: Where is the Colosseum located? Mark Rome on the map.

2. Posing questions expected to be answered with the help of the text.

II. Getting to know the text
1. Listening to the text along with the animation.
Did students receive sufficient answers to their questions? If not, let’s find them together (possibly by searching the Internet).

III. Elaborating on the information found in the text
1. Discussion of the acquired information based on the narration.
2. Listening to the text again and finding the answers to the following questions:

3. Exercises
a) Gap filling

b) Introducing new concepts

c) Data search, focal points

4. Collecting keywords. Drafting an outline of the text.

IV. Systematization, reproduction
1. Pair work: asking questions in connection with the text
2. Pair work: recounting the main points of the text in pairs

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