Solar radiation

The Sun's rays travel through space without interruption, but once they reach the Earth's atmosphere, it can encounter multiple obstacles.

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The path of bauxite

Bauxite is a raw material in aluminium production. Watch this...

Polluting natural waters

Water is one of our key natural resources; we must protect it...

Plate tectonics

Plate tectonics is a theory dealing with the movement of plates.

Volcanic activity

The area surrounding an inactive or extinct volcano is not...

The process of physical and chemical weathering

Upon physical weathering the rock only falls into pieces, whereas...

Табиғат-географиялық ұғымдар

Анимацияда аймақтың жер рельефі мен жер беті суларына қатысты...

The Wallace line

Ázsia és Ausztrália állatvilága a Wallace-vonal mentén különül egy...

Mediterranean climate

It is characterised by dry, hot summers and mild winters.

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