Production of hydrogen gas

Let’s make hydrogen gas using zinc powder and hydrochloric acid and see what lays the foundations for hydrogen-fuelled cars in the distant future.

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Alcohol oxidation (observation)

Examining the colour of a piece of copper when exposed to heat and...

Fehling's test

If we add formaldehyde to the Fehling’s reagent, copper metal can...

Boiling water with ice

Is it possible to boil water below its boiling point of 100°C?

Black snake forest

We also utilize the degradable nature of sodium bicarbonate in our...

Catalytic cracking

The oil industry is able to meet the world’s growing need for fuel...

Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

In this experiment we decolourise our rose with some chlorine gas.

The silver mirror test

If we add formaldehyde to the Tollen’s reagent and heat it, the...

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