How to copy an angle

Let’s copy a given alpha convex angle onto ray f with starting point F.

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Weighing the Pythagorean theorem

In this experiment we provide proof of the well-known theorem of...

Plotting an angle bisector

In this video, we plot the angle bisector of a given alpha angle.

Reflecting a circle across an axis

Axis t and a circle with centre O and radius r are given on a...

Plotting parallel lines – Solution I

Let’s plot line g such that it is parallel to line e and passes...

Plotting a 45° angle

By bisecting a straight angle (180°), we get a right angle (90°)....

Plotting a parallel line at a given distance

Line e is given. Let’s plot a line parallel to line e 2 cm away.

Measuring the height of a tower

Calculating the height of a classic water tower with a tape...

Reflecting a line segment across an axis

Axis t and line segment AB are given on a plane. Let’s plot the...

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