Glowing heart

We burn a heart in a piece of paper with the help of oxygen produced upon the decomposition of the potassium nitrate solution.

Байланысты экстралар

Like dissolves like

Non-polar substances dissolve in non-polar solvents while polar...

Fiery orange peel

When the essential oil from the peel touches the candle flame, it...

The surface tension of liquids

We observe whether a razor blade can float on the surface of...

Алюминий қорыту электролиздегіші

Электролиздегіштерде алюминий тотығын электролиздеу арқылы металл...

Fading raspberry juice

We are testing surface binding abilities by adsorbing raspberry...

The effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium

Change in the colour of the cobalt(II) chloride solution due to...

Surface tension of liquids 2

In this video we are experimenting with food colourings.

Mixing substances, separating mixtures 2 (observation)

Separating mixtures if one of the substances dissolves in water.

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