Structure of proteins

The structure and arrangement of polypeptide chains affects the spatial structure of proteins.

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Do walnuts burn? (observation)

The energy released by the burning walnut is used to heat water.

Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

In this experiment we decolourise our rose with some chlorine gas.

Fehling's test

If we add formaldehyde to the Fehling’s reagent, copper metal can...

Production of hydrogen gas

Let’s make hydrogen gas using zinc powder and hydrochloric acid...

Alcohol oxidation

Examining the colour of a piece of copper when exposed to heat and...

The silver mirror test

If we add formaldehyde to the Tollen’s reagent and heat it, the...

The production of ethylene and its reaction with bromine water

Ethylene, produced by the heating of polyethylene, changes the...

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