Silver bromide (AgBr)

Silver bromide (AgBr)

A white, crystalline compound which breaks down when exposed to light.



silver bromide, ionic compound, жауын-шашын, fényképészet, cation, anion, break down, silver nitrate, potassium bromide, photoactive, inorganic chemistry, химия

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Silver chloride (AgCl)

A white, crystalline compound that breaks down when affected by light.

Silver iodide (AgI)

A light yellow compound formed in the reaction of silver nitrate and potassium iodide.

Silver nitrate (AgNO₃)

One of the raw materials of traditional photography.


Metal atoms form a regular lattice structure.

Sodium chloride (NaCl)

Common salt (or table salt) is one of the most important sodium compounds, indispensable...

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