Prop-1-ene (C₃H₆)

The monomer of polypropylene.

Байланысты экстралар

The hot ice experiment

The words hot and ice together? There must be a trick somewhere....

Dyeing a flower

We spray a transparent liquid on the petals of a flower and watch...

Decolourising a rose with chlorine gas

In this experiment we decolourise our rose with some chlorine gas.

Dehydration of sugar with sulphuric acid

In this experiment we make beet sugar, that is saccharose, react...

Do walnuts burn?

The energy released by the burning walnut is used to heat water.

Alcohol oxidation

Examining the colour of a piece of copper when exposed to heat and...

The reaction of Coke and milk

What happens when we mix these two well-known, chemically...

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