Hungarian hussar

Hungarian hussar

The term ´hussar´ refers to a type of light cavalry which originated in Hungary and was the most popular in the 18th–19th centuries.



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Байланысты экстралар

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Рояль кең таралған пернелі, полифон, ішекті музыкалық аспап саналады.

Ыспалы аспап квартеті

Төрт ыспалы аспаптан тұратын классикалық музыка ансамблі барокко дәуірінде пайда болған.

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The Ironsides were members of the Parliamentarian cavalry formed by Oliver Cromwell...


Drums are played by hitting the membrane. There are many versions of drums.


The trumpet is a musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.

Woodwind instrument

Woodwind instruments differ from brass instruments mainly in their reed.

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The infantry of the Habsburg Empire were deployed in numerous battles.

John the Valiant, the hussars´ route

Follow John the Valiant on his quest described in Sándor Petőfi´s poem.

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The American Civil War was fought between the Confederacy and the Union.

Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

István Bocskay created a successful army from former armed cattle herders in the 16th...

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