Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

István Bocskay created a successful army from former armed cattle herders in the 16th century.



Haiduk, Бочкаи, military, cattle herder, armed, Hungarian, infantryman, soldier

Байланысты экстралар

Kuruc soldier

The term ´kuruc´ denoted armed anti-Habsburg rebels (coming from various social classes)...

Казак әскері (17 ғасыр)

17-ғасырдың басында Украинаның оңтүстік далаларында пайда болған казактар шабуылға...

Austrian Habsburg infantryman

The infantry of the Habsburg Empire were deployed in numerous battles.

Calvinist College of Debrecen (18th century)

One of the oldest schools in Hungary, where several renowned Hungarians studied.

Cromwell´s Ironsides (17th century)

The Ironsides were members of the Parliamentarian cavalry formed by Oliver Cromwell...

Hungarian hussar

The term ´hussar´ refers to a type of light cavalry which originated in Hungary and was...

Soldiers of the Hungarian War of Independence (1848–49)

The main participants in the battles of the Hungarian War of Independence were the...


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