Ancient Greek merchant ship

Ancient Greek merchant ship

Ancient Greeks became the ‘carters of the sea’ thanks to their advanced sailing ships.



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Байланысты экстралар


Байланысты экстралар

Ancient Egyptian sailing boat

The river and marine sailing boats of ancient Egypt were one-masted, oared boats

Bireme (ancient oared warship)

A bireme is a type of ancient warship, with a characteristic pointed bow and two decks of...

Quinquereme (3rd century BC)

The warship having several rows of oars was the typical warship of the Hellenistic era.

Ancient Athenian citizen with his wife

The Athenian democracy was built on the community of citizens with full rights.

Ежелгі грек тұрғын үйі

Әдепкі ежелгі грек тұрғын үйлері екі қабатты, тік төрт бұрышты, геометриялық тәртіппен...

Көне грек сауыт түрлері

Көне эллиндік сауыт жасаушылардың таңғажайып туындылары қазір маңызды тарихи дереккөздер...

English battleship (18th century)

English sailing ships were among the best ships in the 17th-19th centuries.

Sailing ships

Schooners, first built in the Netherlands in the 17th century, were mainly used as...

Traditional Arab sailboat (Sambuk)

The largest type of Arab sailboat, most commonly used as trading vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Viking longship (10th century)

These excellent shipbuilders and sailors travelled great distances on the seas and rivers.

Акрополь (Афины, б.з.д. 5 ғасыр)

Әлемдегі ең әйгілі қамал – Афина Акрополі б.з.д. 5 ғасырда Перикл дәуірінде салынған.

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