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26 luglio 2016Kelly Kennedy


What does the average day at the office look like for you?  

At Mozaik Education, testing is a big part of our days. Our team of programmers work tirelessly to ensure that the end user experience is smooth and functional. They are constantly responding to user feedback and improving upon the system. As a part of our employee training, our business development team creates unique information sessions on the new features available in mozaBook and presents them to our colleagues. Not only are we allowing each individual the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and show us some innovative ways to use mozaBook, but we are also testing the software in real time (just as a teacher would present a lesson to the class). And of course, we have fun while doing it, because mozaBook is not only fun for students!

Our mozaBook testing sessions


We are constantly thinking about things from many different angles - testing, updating, developing new content, and re-creating situations - in order to continually improve upon the solutions we offer. We think about things from the teacher’s perspective (i.e., is it easy to use and does it save time?), the student’s perspective (i.e., is it interactive, interesting, engaging and fun?)... We think about things from inside the box, then outside the box, then we open our 3D model of a cube on mozaBook for still another perspective! Let me introduce to you, the third way to think about about a box...

Using mozaBook to demonstrate the third way to think about a box.


Our ultimate goal is to make teachers more effective by giving them the tools and solutions they need. The mozaBook interface is intuitive and anyone with a basic understanding of computers can begin creating lessons on mozaBook almost immediately. The icons are designed simply making them easy to navigate. However, the software also has tremendous depth and, for those who want to dive deeper, we also provide numerous training sessions. These sessions give participants the opportunity to see how the software can best suit their needs, and provide answers to their specific questions. They also build teacher confidence prior to using the software in the classroom. In other words, teachers also may need to do a little bit of homework (a huge understatement). However, these training sessions are always interactive, fun and informative for everyone involved.  We hope to see you at the next one!

Would you like to join our next partner training? Want to visit sunny Szeged in the summertime? There are still spaces available for August 23 - 25 in Szeged. If you would like more information, visit our Facebook page.    

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