MozaWeb Reaches Young Learners in China!

24 giugno 2016Kelly Kennedy

Mozaweb is now available in China!  In January 2014, our Mozaik team attended the BETT expo in London England where we encountered a great producer of educational content in China, Yuanlai. This was the beginning of Mozaik’s presence in the world of Chinese education.

Chinese students enjoy a Mozaik 3D model of the Globe Theatre in London.


At a recent expo, Yuanlai presented one of Mozaik’s 3D models about the Globe Theatre in London, England to students in Wuhan - Jiang’an District.  If you would like to watch the Globe Theatre video, and see just how much information we can cram into a 2 minute lesson, you can check out the 3D model here.  Before you can gain access to our library of free content, you will need to register an account at  It is free, easy and takes only seconds to complete.  After registering, you will be able to sample our 3D scenes, videos, and other online content.  Also, we promise there will be no spam associated with your registering, so no worries there.

Various young learners enjoyed exploring the interactive digital components of the “Secrets of our Environment” series


Wuhan Yuanlai Education Distribution Company Ltd. produces and distributes educational videos and other content, and even has their own educational television channel!  For two years, we have enjoyed a great working relationship with Yuanlai and are proud to announce that mozaWeb is now available in China!

Outdoor big screen displaying mozaBook at Shandong Book City, China.


Mozaik Education has licensed the use of 12 of our books to be used by the children in China, including the complete “Secrets of our Environment” series.  This is a printed book series which includes an activation code which can be entered on mozaWeb and the students are given complete access to the books in the form of online digital content, via our educational platform. In other words, the book is also made available to them, in its entirety, online. Since this time we have been proud to offer our printed books and mozaWeb to the people of China and salute our partners at Yuanlai for their dedication to excellence in education.

After almost two years of successful and mutually beneficial collaboration, there are plans to license new books in the near future and Mozaik’s books are also available now from a variety of bookstores, online distributors and retailers.

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