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5 mars 2018Bálint Mátyás

Although, our work at the international department of Mozaik involves a lot of travelling and visiting exhibitions throughout the calendar year, it always feels great to come home after a long week to our beloved hometown Szeged, Hungary. Our partner training courses are also held on a monthly basis at our Education Centre located in the city of sunshine. However, the sunshine has been far away this February as winter has just reached Europe with freezing temperatures and intense snowing this month.

Now, snow covers every street, every building, and every statue in Szeged, but the biggest wonder of winter is the well-know Votive Church - standing majestically like a fairy tale building, covered in snow.Sometimes winter kicks in with a real chaos in everyday life - issues with the public transport, closed motorways, cancelled flights and trains. But on the other side it can be truly magnificent with all the seasonal gifts, such as Christmas markets, hot chocolate, gingerbread, and yes, breathtaking panoramic view of the Dóm square in Szeged.For today, and for the upcoming frosty evenings, at Mozaik we suggest you to take a seat, get some hot drink, and have a look at the photos of the snow-covered city center by Sándor Ötvös, the Hungarian photographer.For a more detailed look of our hometown’s greatest building, you can also visit our website, open up the Dóm square (Szeged, Hungary) 3D scene and start exploring the Votive Church and its surroundings (unfortunately, the additional snow layer is missing).

Read about the topic in Hungarian and learn more about the history of the Votive Church of Szeged on the website Sokszínű Vidék.


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