Tactics of the Hungarian raiders (9th-10th centuries)

Tactics of the Hungarian raiders (9th-10th centuries)

The tactics of the Hungarian light cavalry included pretending to retreat, tempting their opponents into breaking their ranks, after which the Hungarians turned back to encircle them.



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موارد مربوط


موارد مربوط

استحکام زمین ، مجارستان

یک استحکام زمین مثلثی، که توسط رهبر یکی از قبایل قدیمی مجارستان در زمان فتح مجارستان استفاده می شد۔

جواهرات سلطنتی مجارستان

معروفترین قطعه ی جواهرات سلطنتی مجارستان، تاج مقدس است۔

استقرارهای دوره ی آرپاد در مجارستان

در دوره ی آرپاد خانه ها معمولا به شکل گودال بودند۔

لباس - مجارستان ، قرن ۱۰

لباس ها منعکس کننده سبک زندگی و فرهنگ دوره و منطقه خاص هستند۔

Abbey of Saint Gall (11th century)

The building complex was one of the most important Benedictine abbeys for centuries.

Hungarian army in the 15th century (infantry)

One of the main units of Matthias Corvinus´ Black Army was the infantry.

Mongol Khan (13th century)

The ruler of the vast Mongol Empire was the Khan.

The Hungarian army in the 15th century (cavalry)

One of the main units of Matthias Corvinus´ Black Army was the cavalry.

Battle of Hastings (1066)

The battle ended with the victory of William the Conqueror´s Norman army over the English.

Battle of Mohács (29 August 1526)

The devastating defeat in the battle against the Ottomans marked the end of an era in Hungarian history.

Battle of Muhi (11–12 April 1241)

The devastating defeat of the Hungarians in the battle against the Mongolians was the result of several bad decisions.

Battle of Varna (1444)

Hungarian King Władysław I died in the lost battle fought against the Ottomans.

Blitzkrieg strategy (1939-1940)

This effective strategy was based on the fast and synchronised attack of different branches of the army.

Eurasian Avars (8th century)

The Avars established a stable empire in the Carpathian Basin between the 6th-8th centuries.

توپوگرافی تاریخی (نبردها، تاریخ مجارستان)

سایت های نبردهای قابل توجه را در تاریخ مجارستان روی نقشه خالی قرار دهید۔

سرباز قلع سخت

شخصیت افسانه ای هانس کریستین اندرسن در یک ژرفانما زنده می شود۔

Battle of Lepanto (1571)

The Ottoman fleet suffered a catastrophic defeat by the fleet of the Holy League.

Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

The British Royal Fleet led by Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the combined Franco-Spanish fleet in the naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars.

Siege of Belgrade (4-22 July 1456)

A major battle in the history of Ottoman-Hungarian wars in the 15th century. Its memory is preserved by the noon bells that are still rung every day in...

The Battle of Jutland (1916)

The naval battle fought by the British Navy against the German Navy was the largest sea battle in World War I.

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