Sabre-toothed cat

Sabre-toothed cat

Large, extinct species of cats named after the shape of their large canine teeth.

زيست شناسى


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موارد مربوط

ساختمان دندان های پستانداران

ساختمان دندان های گونه های مختلف پستانداران منعکس کننده عادات تغذیه ای آنهاست۔

Woolly mammoth

Extinct proboscidea closely related to today's elephants, often hunted by prehistoric man.

تکامل انسان

مغز و جمجمه در طول تکامل انسان دچار تحولات مهمی شدند۔

غار پارینه‌ سنگی

اولین خانه های تاریخ بشر اطلاعات زیادی در مورد سبک زندگی اجداد ما بيان مي كند۔


The dodo is an extinct species of birds that used to be native to the island of Mauritius. It has become the symbol of extinction.

Giant panda

Let's learn about the bear species that became the symbol of species conservation.


The last Ice Age ended about 13 thousand years ago.

Homo erectus

The ‘upright man’ used tools and could set fire.

Human teeth

Humans have 4 types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

The spread of Homo sapiens on Earth

The 'wise man' originated in Africa and dispersed throughout most of the continents.

سنجاب زمینی اروپایی

جوندگان زیرزمینی در اروپای مرکزی و شرقی پراکنده هستند۔

Domestic dog

Dogs are the domesticated subspecies of grey wolves.

European badger

The European badger is an omnivorous, nocturnal animal. Badger colonies live in large burrow systems, called setts.

Northern white-breasted hedgehog

The Northern white-breasted hedgehog rolls into a ball to protect itself.

Red deer

Red deer are even-toed ungulates, ruminants. Their males have spectacular antlers.

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