Melk Abbey (Austria)

Melk Abbey (Austria)

The 900 years old Benedictine abbey is situated in Melk, on the right bank of the Danube.

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Benedictine abbey (Tihany, Hungary)

The Benedictine abbey was founded by King Andrew I in 1055.

تقسیمات اداری اتریش

این انیمیشن استان ها و مراکز استان اتریش را نشان می دهد۔

کلیسای بندیکتین به سبک رومي (جاك ، مجارستان)

کلیسای بندیکتین به سبک رومي با دروازه ویژه ، که در قرن سیزدهم در مجارستان ساخته شده است۔

Abbey of Saint Gall (11th century)

The building complex was one of the most important Benedictine abbeys for centuries.

Church of St John at Kaneo (Ohrid, 13th c.)

The Orthodox church, situated on a picturesque cliff, was named after John the Apostle

Habsburg imperial couple (19th century)

Emperor Franz Joseph I and the beautiful Elisabeth got married in Vienna in 1854, but their marriage was unfortunately an unhappy one.

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Sofia, 20th century)

Built in Neo-Byzantine style, this Orthodox cathedral is one of the symbols of the Bulgarian capital city.

قلعه روکوکو (فرتود، مجارستان)

مجتمع کاخ و پارک بزرگترین بنای روکوکو مجارستان است که غالباً آن را "ورسای مجارستانی" می نامند۔

Pauline monastery

The Pauline monastery was built for Hungarian hermit monks in 1225.

Hierarchy of the Medieval Christian church (11th century)

This animation shows the hierarchical structure of the Medieval Christian church.

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