How do fish breathe?

How do fish breathe?

Blood vessels in fishes' gills absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

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Common carp

Freshwater fish used as food in many parts of the world.

Respiratory system

The respiratory system is responsible for the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide.

Freshwater fishes

Many freshwater fishes are also popular as food.

The life cycle of vertebrates

The life cycle of vertebrates starts with the production of the reproductive cells of an individual and ends with the production of the reproductive cells...


A group of fish characterised by a cartilaginous skeleton, well-known species include the great white shark and the great hammerhead shark.

ماهیان زره دار پیش از تاریخ

گونه های منقرض شده ماهی که دارای ´زره´ ضخیم هستند که از سر محافظت می کنند۔

Effects of smoking on the lungs

Smoking severely damages the respiratory system, it may cause COPD or lung cancer.

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