Common blackbird

Common blackbird

This animation demonstrates birds' bones and eggs through the example of the common blackbird.

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thrush, nest, egg, nidicolous, songbird, sexual dimorphism, female, male, germinal disc, chalaza, calcareous shell, egg white, yolk, animal, vertebrates, bird, omnivorous, biology

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Types of feathers

The animation demonstrates the most important types of feathers and their fine structure.


بالابان پرنده ای بزرگ شکارچی است که در اروپا و آسیا پراکنده است۔

پنگوئن امپراطور

پنگوئن ها پرندگانی هستند که در قطب جنوب زندگی می کنند و با سرما و شنا سازگار هستند۔


The archaeopteryx shows characteristics of both birds and reptiles. It is probably the ancestor of birds.

Common kingfisher

The characteristic colours of the common kingfisher aid the bird in catching its prey.


This animation demonstrates the anatomy of birds through the example of mallards.

Marsh harrier

Marsh harriers are birds of prey found almost worldwide.

The life cycle of vertebrates

The life cycle of vertebrates starts with the production of the reproductive cells of an individual and ends with the production of the reproductive cells...

Western jackdaw

Groups of western jackdaws are frequently found in cities. Konrad Lorenz analysed the complex social behaviour of these animals.

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