Opciones de presentación e ilustración aún más impresionantes, y numerosas nuevas funciones. Esto es mozaBook 4.5

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The Alps (trailer)

Our new videos about the Alps are already available.

South Africa trailer

Our new educational videos about South Africa are coming soon.


The augmented reality app of Mozaik Education for smartphones and tablets.

Educational videos

Natural, history films, stories, film clips, plays, chemical, physical and biological experiments.

mozaik3D scenes

By providing unparralelled support for demonstrations, mozaik3D scenes open a new dimension in education.

Innovative Education Solutions

Solutions for interactive whiteboard, learning at home, school administration, printed materials.


More than 2000 maps, interactive atlases. Learn to use mozaMap which takes map reading to a whole different level.

Society (trailer)

Our new videos about society are already available.

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