At Mozaik, we were certain that the success of the first steps for mozaBook software in May 2019 was only the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. We are thrilled  to announce that Dr. Ildikó Török, Mozaik’s Business Development Director attended a seminar, organized by our local partner Global Smart School (GSS) and the Ministry of Education and Training, to represent Mozaik and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for our future collaboration in the Digital Education 2020-2025 project of the Asian country.

The MOU is signed between Mozaik, Education Information Technology Solution Center (EITSC) and Global Smart School (GSC) and it set the terms between the parties and encompasses mutually agreed-upon projects and solutions including the best practices and tools to support educational success in Vietnam

The MOU includes agreements about cooperation in software licences, localization and teacher trainings to establish a common responsibility to educate Vietnamese students in the best way possible.  To reach this goal, we believe it is essential to provide teachers with access to a state-of-the-art education platform in Vietnamese language and trainings to successfully and efficiently implement technology in their everyday teaching routine. The parties involved introduce the mozaLearn integrated education system together to the stakeholders of the public K-12 Education in Vietnam.

The mozaLearn system is an integrated cloud-based education system. It includes mozaBook, a multiple award-winning (EdTech awards, Bett Awards, Academics Choice Awards etc.)  teacher software optimized for interactive displays and projectors to support in-class teaching; and mozaWeb which provides full access to the interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos) and the educational applications through a browser in a web-based environment without installing any additional software. The mozaLearn system offers digital solutions for teachers, students, school administrators, textbook publishers, and ministries. Users can access Mozaik’s continually expanding educational content library, including more than 1200 interactive 3D scenes, 1000+ videos, and thousands of other audio and visual content. The system also includes interactive educational tools (apps) and games. Mozaik offers solutions for all K-12 subjects and grades

All parties emphasized the importance of implementing the information and communications technology (ICT) in the curriculum of Vietnam, which is intensively builds on STEAM subjects like science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Recently, STEAM has become a prioritized development agenda to promote the economic and social growth of Vietnam. The signees foresee the interactive textbooks enriched with interactive 3D content and using educational tools in the classrooms becoming more and more important. They also agree that making this content even more engaging with virtual reality technology is vital in this day and age. Immersive technologies - such as 3D and VR - is without question the trend of the future to empower educators and future-ready students.

We believe the mozaLearn system makes all of these previously mentioned technologies and solutions available to the Vietnamese public education system and provides  teachers and students with state-of-the-art technologies to keep up with current trends. We hope and aim to make learning fun in Vietnam together!


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mozaBook around the World - Lebanon

21 de junio de 2019Bálint Mátyás

Collège National Orthodoxe in Tripoli, Lebanon is one of the first schools in the country that has implemented the mozaLearn educational system and the mozaBook presentation software in its classrooms. The IT team of the prestigious school installed mozaBook on interactive smartboards in the classrooms and received instant appreciation from both teachers and students.

What’s more, the media crew of the institution prepared a superb demo video as well, detailing the most important features of the system!

Michel Katra, the principal of the school says,

"As our students are learners of the digital era, we needed a system to make everything much more interactive and engaging for them. The mozaBook software  is a state-of-the-art solution in education and we wanted to be among the first schools in Lebanon to adopt this system.”

While Mr. Kilo (Physics) is enthusiastically explaining that creating electrical circuits and setting various parameters during the lesson with the help of the Elektro Kit has never been easier, one of the Chemistry teachers, Ms. Turkiye noted that the interactive 3D scene collection makes a real difference as it helps students thoroughly understand topics like atoms or atomic bonds.Although mozaBook provides a wide range of possibilities and content for higher grades, Ms. Taoum emphasized the importance and perks of having the interactive board and colorful pencil set on primary and kindergarten levels:

“Using different pencils or our own hands to draw shapes and write letters on the board is a great way to improve the fine motor skills of the pupils''

Interested to learn more about their journey with the mozaLearn system in the school? Check out the full video and meet the teaching crew of St. Elie here!

In case you'd like to download the mozaBook software and give it a try, just click here for the free 30-day trial version.

See you next time!

mozaBook around the World - Vietnam

31 de mayo de 2019Bálint Mátyás

On May 15, the Le Quy Don Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City organized an event to promote innovative teaching methods in Vietnam with a lesson, called "Atoms - Journey Through Time", attended not only by teachers and students, but heads of education centres, principals, and parents. The unconventional science workshop took place right on the spacious schoolyard utilizing all the advantages that interactive boards, VR glasses and by the courtesy of our local partner, Tung Viet Communication, the mozabook digital presentation software have to offer.The lesson kicked off with a fascinating game where pupils were divided into 8 groups and moved around from station to station with a tablet to explore the secrets of atomic bonds, structures, and learn about famous scientists. Each station was equipped with an interactive board and the mozaBook software to provide the kids with interesting fun facts and useful information about the topic.

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc, a passionate science teacher in the school, says that students can get a grasp of Chemistry or Physics much more easily with special VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and interactive 3D models.“Using the VR glasses and mozaBook, for instance, with my 6th grade students certainly makes things much more fun in the classroom. Instead of learning and teaching only from a textbook, we create our own lessons and make it more interactive. This way we can help students understand the topic and develop a passion for Chemistry at the same time” she said.

The successful educational event in the secondary school was not the first occasion that mozaBook got presented in the Asian country.For the past few months, Tung Viet Communication has been actively engaged with promoting the presentation software in edtech exhibitions, like BESS VIETNAM 2019 and visiting institutions across the country to spread the word about their hardware and our interactive solutions.

It’s always a pleasure to see kids and teachers enjoying mozaBook and we’re delighted to receive similar news and feedback from any part of the world. At Mozaik, we  are certain that the success of these first couple of months has just been the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in Vietnam.

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Geographical Maps in mozaBook

20 de mayo de 2019Bálint Mátyás

Besides our printed textbooks and digital solutions, we are really proud of our super detailed and fun atlas collection for the subject of Geography. For interactive boards, we have had these maps for a long time in a separate framework program, called mozaMap and you may have already heard about the compact miniMap tool as well. However, it was high time to integrate these maps into our educational presentation software mozaBook to make everything more manageable and smoother in the classroom.First, simply select the map from your shelf, open it up, and check all the possibilities and map variations you can choose from… five continents, demographic views, populations, the environmental state of the Earth, so literally everything you may need in a Geography lesson is at your fingertips. Let’s select North America and see what we can do with the map:

  • zoom in and out without losing any image resolution quality,
  • write some comment or place appropriate icons and symbols on the map,
  • measure the distance between cities or the size of certain areas and countries,
  • or highlight some really significant details with various colors.

Teachers can easily create blank-map exercises by selecting the cities, setting the necessary guidelines and time for the test.

One of the major perks of transferring these atlases directly to mozaBook is that teachers can use these maps alongside their presentations or textbooks with the help of the split view option. There is no need to leave the interface or open any other program, just place your exercise book and the map next to each other and the lesson can begin.If you are interested in checking out mozaBook powered up with the comprehensive map collection, do not hesitate to download the free version of the software with a 1-month trial period. If you want to learn more about these maps, please visit the relevant page on our website by clicking here.

Do you you have any questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to get in touch!

Winning an award feels amazing, but winning two categories of the same competition feels even better. We are truly honoured to receive some serious recognition at one of the largest and most competitive program in all of education technology, this year’s EDTECH COOL TOOL AWARDS organized by the American EdTech Digest online magazine.Being recognized in the previous years as the best presentation solution and content provider, Mozaik’s long-time prime product, the mozaBook educational software finished first in the category of “Authoring Tools Solution” in 2019. Our webcam-based science software LabCamera, as a relatively new solution among our product portfolio, has never been nominated to the award before, but won the first place in the “Science Solution” category right off the bat.   

All of our colleagues and team members who put effort into creating mozaBook and LabCamera extremely happy to see that both teachers and our peers love our software solutions, and awards like this give us an immense motivation to continue the work we started years ago.

On behalf of Mozaik Education, we congratulate to all other finalist and winners! To check out the full list, visit the official website of EdTech Awards.

If you haven’t tried mozaBook yet, you can download the free demo version here and build your own interactive lesson plans enriched with spectacular 3D and video content. If you’re a science teacher and would like to give LabCamera a try, please click here to start your journey.

mozaBook at Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger

12 de febrero de 2019Bálint Mátyás

You might remember our lovely partner school from Haiger, Germany as last semester they were kind enough to write a short summary of their experiences of using our digital solutions. In October 2018 we had the chance to meet their media team in Frankfurt at the annual Buchmesse and conduct a quick interview about how things are going in the school, how kids are doing, and you know, about mozaBook itself.


Do you feel you were able to successfully integrate mozaBook into your daily lessons?

Absolutely. Following our visit to the Mozaik training center in Szeged, Hungary, we gradually integrated many functions into our everyday lessons. We’ve held short internal training sessions so more and more teachers were able to start working with mozaBook. Currently, almost every teacher has access to the program so we can cooperate with each other within the institution.

We use the mozaBook software for various subjects, but most of our experiences come from traditional subjects, such as German, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, or “Sachunterricht” (Sachunterricht in German primary schools covers Biology, History, Physics, Geography, Chemistry).

What’s more, mozaBook is frequently used for teaching small groups of dyslexic students who have difficulties in reading and writing, and in groups of students who need additional support in Mathematics.

In your experience, has mozaBook cut or increased the preparation time for your lessons?

Based on our experience, every new software, textbook or program needs a little bit more time. As a result, the daily preparation was more time-consuming in the beginning, but once our teachers got familiar with the program and gained some experience, their preparation time was greatly reduced.

The illustration and presentation features are especially time-saving. For example, preparing overhead slides is not necessary anymore, plus we don't have to cut or laminate flashcards, and spend hours with searching for images online.

Overall, the use of new or lesser-known functions require more time, but mozaBook helps teachers in other areas. The workflow has changed in the sense that we spend more time on the computer, but less time with other preparation activities.

Do you find mozaBook easy to use?

Our teachers, who had the chance to attend a training in Hungary, find the basic operation of the software self-explanatory and intuitive. Naturally, there are always questions about certain functions and these questions require some further explanation, but the built-in video tutorials are very helpful in these cases.

Overall, in what ways has mozaBook made your work as a teacher easier? Can you demonstrate the topic of your lesson more easily with the help of the software?

Although we see some necessity to adapt more specific content for the primary school level, the demonstration of different topics is much easier with the Media library items. For primary school students, it is necessary to actively deal with the subject matter in order to get to the bottom of a new topic so using 3Ds and videos is a very appealing way of approaching a subject. This way the initial demonstration of the topic is much easier and more effective.

Do you find pupils are more interested in the subject of your lessons since you have been using mozaBook? How often do they work at the board in class?

Students like the visual appearance of the software, for sure. As they work with mozaBook in class, they can quickly learn how to use simple functions and they find it particularly easy to use different pens, colours, and erasers. Solving exercises and practicing with the Test editor are also quick and easy for them, and you can tell how much they enjoy working on the board with mozaBook by the high level of participation in exercises. The frequency of active use of the software varies, of course, as it depends on the structure of the lesson and the learning objective.

"Since we have been working with mozaBook in class, it is easier to keep the attention and focus of the kids. Through the interactive features, students are more directly involved in the teaching process."

Frontal teaching phases have become more attractive, however, the main deciding factor for the motivated cooperation of pupils remained the teacher, and the student-teacher relationship.

Just for fun, could you please name your three favourite features in mozaBook?

Huh, that’s a tough one. Importing PDF documents into the software is certainly a great feature. Once the PDF is imported, we can display, edit and segment the document so quality print materials and new materials can be also used in mozaBook. It’s also great that we can access the Internet within the software so online content can be also quickly integrated into our lessons.

Another popular feature is using images from the Media library and placing them into an exercise book [presentation]. The Test Editor is another great tool to create interactive exercises for students to prepare for tests, but pencils are also very popular as well as the colour palette which is very often used during class.

What is your general impression of mozaBook?

mozaBook is definitely a software we love to use in class. During the process of equipping our primary school with interactive whiteboards, we came across other solutions as well, but none of them convinced us as much as mozaBook. The possibility to present all types of content within one software is simply amazing and makes our everyday work much easier. In future, we would like to further and expand our work by cooperating with German publishers.


(Approximately, 350 pupils attend the Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger and 34 teachers work part-time or full-time at the school. In 2017/18 mozaBook was installed on six interactive whiteboards in six different classrooms, while this year (2018 / 2019) another five classrooms were equipped with an ActivPanel)

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