Perimeter, area, surface area and volume

This animation presents the formulas to calculate the perimeter and area of shapes as...


An entertaining game about different views of spatial objects.

The first days in school

Learn the concept of colors, numbers, letters and shapes while playing

Geometric transformations – reflection

This animation demonstrates geometric reflection, a type of geometric transformation both...

Three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system

3-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system with illustrations and exercises that develop...

Chess games

Chess games can help to develop logic skills.

Notable products

A spectacular demonstration of algebraic expressions.

Geometric transformations – translation

This animation demonstrates geometric translation in both plane and space.

Scale exercises

An interesting logical exercise: you have many weights that look the same, you have to...

Kepler´s laws of planetary motion

The three important laws describing planetary motion were formulated by Johannes Kepler.

Geometric transformations – rotation

This animation demonstrates geometric rotation, a type of geometric transformation both...

Solids of revolution

Rotating a geometric shape around a line within its geometric plane as an axis results in...

Optical illusion

The information gathered by the eye is misinterpreted by the brain.

3D puzzle

This exciting and colorful game is designed to develop spatial perception. You can check...

Cylindrical solids

This animation demonstrates various types of cylindrical solids as well as their lateral...

Platonic solids

This animation demonstrates the five regular three-dimensional (or Platonic) solids, the...


This animation demonstrates the components (vertices, edges, diagonals and faces) of the...

3D Tangram

A special, 3D version of the well-known Chinese logical game.

Regular square pyramid

A regular square pyramid is a right pyramid with a square base and four triangular faces.


A sphere is the set of points which are all within the same distance from a given point...

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