mozaBook a BETT Awards finalist in 2 categories

November 16, 2016Gábriel Zsófia

The mozaTeam has been really busy these last couple of weeks. As you may know, we exhibited at the Frankfurt Bookfair in October. However, that was nothing compared to last week, when Mozaik Education participated in 4 different events in various countries all over Central Europe. In addition, we were invited to attend the Education and Sport in the Prosperous Epoch of the Powerful State conference organized by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat as well. For a quick look at our time abroad, check out our Facebook page, where you can find photos from the Elementary Schools Principals’ Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia; the Pro Školy a Školky exhibition in Prague, the Czech Republic; Bibliotéka - Pedagogika in Bratislava, Slovakia; and Interpädagogica Wien in Vienna, Austria.

In other, even more exciting news, we also got word last week that we have been shortlisted in 2 categories as a finalist for the BETT Awards 2017. This year, Mozaik is running for the title of both ‘International Digital Education Resource’ and ‘Primary Digital Content’! The BETT Awards, much like the BETT Show - which is currently the largest education technology exhibition in the world - are held in London every year, with the most prominent players in education participating. All the most modern and innovative equipment and content are presented, so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we got the notification we had been shortlisted for this accolade.

First of all, congratulations and a giant virtual round of applause to our team of developers, designers, education specialists and innovators. This nomination reflects all their hard work and all the energy they have invested into making the imaginative and powerful tool that is mozaBook. Even though there are always adjustments to be made or fine-tuning to be done, this only goes to show how important mozaBook is to us.

Secondly, let us express how grateful and proud we are that our software is acknowledged as groundbreaking not only by its users, that is teachers and student, but that we receive recognition from our peers in the education community at the same time. It is always an honor to be up for an award, but to be hand-picked by a panel of judges and named as one of the best in our field is truly extraordinary. We hope that thanks to this wonderful opportunity, more people will get to know Mozaik Education and what it stands for.

Finally, thank you to you, our user and subscriber. You have helped us make mozaBook better with your feedback, which is essential in tailoring our product to your needs. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and your enthusiasm when we meet at exhibitions or training events; it makes our job so much easier - and obviously makes us very happy - when we get incredibly positive reactions (in Vienna, this was usually expressed by: “So cool!”) and supportive remarks from people encountering mozaBook for the first time. This is when we honestly feel like all our efforts have paid off.

How have you been doing? Are you also on the road? We would love to hear from you, too. Please leave a comment, or feel free to get in touch with us on any of our contact channels.

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