The Equatorial Climate

The Equatorial Climate

Introducing the characteristics of the tropical rainforest climate



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El Niño

A periodic climate pattern that occurs across the tropical Pacific Ocean every five years.

El Niño

The El Niño phenomenon has a great effect on the Earth's climate.


The last Ice Age ended about 13 thousand years ago.

Formation of stratovolcanoes

Stratovolcanoes consist of layers of volcanic ash, debris and lava.

The Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic North and South poles are located near the geographic North and...

Exogenic forces

The surface of the Earth has been formed into its present state both by external and internal...

Warm front, cold front

Cold and warm fronts are formed where bodies of cold and warm air meet.

Tectonic plates

Tectonic plates can move in relation to each other.

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