Pyrrole (C₄H₅N)

Pyrrole (C₄H₅N)

A heterocyclic organic compound.



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Pyrrole C₄H₅N


Molar mass: 67.09 g/mol

Boiling point: 130 °C (266 °F)

Density: 0.9691 g/cm³ (0.0350 lb/in³)

Heat of combustion: -2,351 kJ/mol


The pyrrole molecule is a five-member aromatic ring containing one nitrogen atom. The lone electron pair of the nitrogen atom is tied up in the delocalized electron system. Pyrrole is a colorless, flammable liquid with a chloroform-like odor. It does not dissolve in water but dissolves in most organic solvents. When exposed to air, it first becomes brown and then yellow and then resinifies. It is highly reactive in substitution, oxidation and reduction processes. Pyrrole is a weak acid; it reacts with potassium as hydrogen and pyrrole potassium are produced.

Occurrence and production

Pyrrole occurs in biologically important compounds, such as chlorophyll. In industry pyrrole is produced in a reaction of furan with ammonia.


Pyrrole is used in the manufacture of colorings and in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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