Industrial estate

Industrial estate

Industrial estates provide infrastructure and services for companies.



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Industrial estate

  • local small enterprises
  • real estate investment
  • engine assembly plant
  • automobile parts manufacturing plant
  • plastic manufacturing plant
  • real estate investment group
  • automobile parts depot
  • textile factory
  • television factory
  • premises of a freight transportation company
  • service center
  • wholesale electronics
  • optical drive manufacturing plant
  • machine tool factory
  • steel processing plant


  • Budapest (130 km or 81 mi)
  • M1 freeway (3 km or 2 mi)
  • Vienna (90 km or 56 mi)
  • Győr (2 km or 1 mi)
  • Bratislava (60 km or 37 mi)
  • Main road No. 1 (4 km or 2.5 mi)


  • industrial rail tracks
  • advanced telecommunications system
  • high-voltage electricity network
  • sewage system
  • internal network
  • public lighting
  • freeway in the vicinity
  • natural gas, drinking water, industrial water supply
  • developed public transportation


  • meat industry
  • glass production
  • real estate investment
  • construction industry
  • electronics industry (control technology)
  • machine manufacturing (parts)
  • confectionery industry
  • plastic manufacturing
  • textile industry
  • electronics industry (robotics)
  • freight transportation
  • printing industry
  • scientific instrument manufacturing
  • machine manufacturing (assembly)


  • electricity supply packaging painting recycling waste management metalworking engineering storage freight transportation

Services of the technology center

  • logistics
  • plant breeding
  • facility management
  • restaurant
  • janitor
  • accountancy
  • engineering consultancy

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