Glutamic acid

One of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins.

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Acetaldehyde (ethanal) (CH₃CHO)

An aldehyde which is an important raw material and intermediate product in industry.

Chloromethane (methyl-chloride) (CH₃Cl)

Chloromethane can be prepared by heating a mixture of methane and chlorine.

Methane hydrate

A solid substance formed at low temperatures on the ocean floors of Earth by the high...

Peptide bond

Amino acids that make up proteins are bound by peptide bonds.

The reaction of Coke and milk

What happens when we mix these two well-known, chemically interesting liquids together?

Trans-2-butene (C₄H₈)

A colorless, heavier-than-air gas. Its geometric isomer is cis-2-butene.

Dimethyl ether (C₂H₆O)

A colorless gas with a typical odor, produced by dehydrating methanol.

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