Building shapes (multi color)

Build 3D shapes from unit cubes with the help of several views.

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Cube (exercises)

Edges, diagonals and faces of a cube can be identified by its vertices.

Volume of spheres (Cavalieri´s principle)

Calculating the volume of a sphere is possible using an appropriate cylinder and cone.

How to copy an angle

Let’s copy a given alpha convex angle onto ray f with starting point F.

Grouping of solids

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Plotting a parallel line at a given distance

Line e is given. Let’s plot a line parallel to line e 2 cm away.

Constructing the perpendicular bisector of a line segment

Let’s construct the perpendicular bisector of a 6-cm-long line segment.


This animation demonstrates several types of prisms, from general to regular.

Conic sections

The conic section is a plane curve that is created when a right circular cone is...

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