Saint Peter’s Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica

The world’s largest Christian church is found in Vatican City, within the city of Rome.


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Saint Peter, Szent Péter-bazilika, Vatican City, basilica, Pope, Szent Péter tér, Bramante, III. Pál pápa, Michelangelo, Maderna, Bernini, római katolikus, church, kolonnád, obeliszk, building, architecture, Catholic, religion, Christian, Baroque, apostle, Rome, visual culture, tourism, barokk építészet, modern history, dome

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Rome, Italy, Vatican, Area / 0,44 sq km, Population / 842 (2014), Construction lasted 120 years, Donato Bramante (1444-1514), Pope Paul III (1468-1549), Michelangelo (1475- 1564), Dimensions of the dome, total height / 132 m, diameter / 50 m, Carlo Maderno, Corinthian half columns , Baldachin , Saint Peter's square , Bernini's colonnade , Obelisk

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