The history of aviation

The animation offers a summary of the history of aviation from the Middle Ages.

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Concorde (1969)

The first supersonic passenger airliner entered service in 1976.

Safety equipment of bicycles

The highway code contains rules concerning the safety equipment of bicycles.

North River Steamboat (Clermont) (1807)

Robert Fulton American engineer created the first operational steam-powered ship.

Junkers JU-52 (1932)

The most popular European-made transport aircraft before World War II.

Road transport, articulated lorry

Articulated lorries play an important role in road transport.

Boeing 747 (1969)

The Jumbo Jet is one of the best known aircrafts.


Buses play an important role in public transport.

The history of the car

Here are a few interesting facts about the history of the modern car.

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