The Boys of Paul Street, the Grund

The Boys of Paul Street, the Grund

One of the main settings in the well-known Hungarian youth novel was a timberyard.

Lower Grades - Mother Tongue


playground, Ferenc Molnár, novel, Putty Club, literature

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  • What is the ´grund´ in the novel?
  • Who seizes the boys´ glass marbles?
  • Which of these places does not appear in the novel?
  • How do his mates humiliate\nErnő Nemecsek?
  • Who is the traitor among the boys?
  • Who are the enemies of the\nPaul Street boys?
  • What did Áts steal from the Grund?
  • Why did Nemecsek get ill?
  • What was the association formed by the boys of Paul Street?
  • What do the boys fight with during the siege?
  • What was one of the favourite games of the boys?
  • Who could whistle the loudest among the boys?
  • Why did the boys lose the Grund?
  • What did Áts say to Nemecsek when they met on the Grund?


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