Polynesian family settlement (Samoa, 15th century)

Polynesian family settlement (Samoa, 15th century)

The architecture of traditional Samoan family settlements reflect the unique culture of their inhabitants.

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  • In which ocean is Samoa located?
  • In which geographical region is Samoa located?
  • Is it true that Samoa is an archipelago?
  • Which plant cannot be found in Samoa?
  • Which building is typically round?
  • Which material was not typically used for building traditional Samoan houses?
  • Is it true that the structure of traditional Samoan settlements vary greatly?
  • Which building was situated nearest to the entrance of the settlements?
  • Which building was situated furthest from the entrance of the family settlement?
  • How much material was typically used to tie together the pieces of the frame of a traditional Samoan house (fale)?
  • What material was typically used to tie together the pieces of the frame of a traditional Samoan house (fale)?
  • Which animal is not native to Samoa?
  • Which building serves as the dwelling of the nuclear family?
  • What did traditional Samoan houses not typically have?
  • Which Samoan word means 'house' in English?


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