Oktogon, Budapest (Early 20th century)

Oktogon, Budapest (Early 20th century)

A landmark crossroads in the Hungarian capital city at the turn of the century.



Oktogon, Budapest, Andrássy Avenue, Grand Boulevard, world heritage, turn of the century, underground, electric, omnibus, space

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  • Where is the Oktogon situated in Budapest?
  • Which language does the word ‘octagon’ originate from from?
  • What shape has 8 sides?
  • Which metro line passes under the Oktogon?
  • Which famous tram line passes through the junction?
  • When was the Andrássy Avenue opened to traffic?
  • What event was celebrated in Hungary in 1896?
  • Which building was inaugurated in 1896, the year of the Millennium?
  • Which building was inaugurated in 1896, the year of the Millennium?
  • Which bridge over the Danube was inaugurated in the year of the Millennium?
  • What powers the ominibus?
  • How many underground railways had existed in Europe before the construction of the Millennium Underground Railway in Budapest?


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