Japanese soldier (World War II)

Japanese soldier (World War II)

Highly committed Japanese soldiers fought primarily at the Asian and Pacific theatres of the Second World War.



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  • Which military bloc was the Empire of Japan a member of in WWI?
  • Which military bloc was the Empire of Japan a member of in WWII?
  • Which world power was the main enemy of the Empire of Japan during WWII?
  • Which one of these persons was a Japanese general during WWII?
  • Who was the Emperor of Japan during WWII?
  • Which American military base was attacked by the Empire of Japan in December 1941?
  • What is the capital city of Japan?
  • Is it true that some Japanese soldiers refused to surrender even decades after the end of WWII?
  • What did the Imperial Japanese Army's flag symbolise?
  • At which theatre of war did the majority of Japanese soldiers fight during WWII?
  • Which one of these words is missing? The Empire of Japan ... the Second World War.
  • When was the Japanese instrument of surrender signed?
  • At which special location was the Japanese instrument of surrender signed?
  • What does the Japanese word "kamikaze" mean?
  • What did the word "kamikaze" originally refer to?
  • Which continent is Japan part of?


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American soldiers fought in almost all major theatres of World War II.

German soldier (World War II)

Soldiers of the Wehrmacht in World War II were well-trained and well-equipped with modern weapons.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Japan, 1940)

The Japanese Mitsubishi A6M, commonly known as 'Zero' to the Allies, was a legendary aircraft of the Second World War.

Soviet soldier (World War II)

The Soviet army became a very powerful power broker after WWI, at first due to its size, later due to its arsenal.

Attack of Pearl Harbor (1941)

The United States entered World War II after the devastating attack by the Japanese navy.

B-24 Liberator

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One of the most important battles of World War II proved to be a turning point of the War in the Pacific

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Himeji Castle

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The primary duty of these Japanese warriors was to serve their feudal lords, even at the cost of their own lives.

Torii (gateway) of the Itsukushima Shrine

The torii is a traditional Japanese gate built at the entrance of shrines.

USS Missouri (US, 1944)

The battleship USS Missouri, first deployed during WWII was also deployed in the Gulf War.

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